Going Green

Bennett Elder Smash Repairs is committed to undertaking its activities in an environmentally responsible manner and effectively managing any risks that may lead to an impact on the environment. We are committed to sustainable use of resources and legal and regulatory compliance in all activities, including obligations under environmental legislation.

Care of the environment is a longstanding policy of Bennett Elder Smash Repairs. We have recently with the help of the Motor Traders Association completed our Green Stamp Environmental Accreditation, achieving the highest Level 3 – Continual Improvement. This is just the beginning of reducing our carbon footprint. Our commitment includes the implementation of the Glasurit’s 90 LINE waterborne paint system, lowering VOC (volatile organic compound) and paint particle emissions. 
Bennett Elder Smash Repairs ensures environmental risks are properly identified, prioritised and managed in an appropriate way. We have developed and implement environmental programs that set measurable and reportable objectives and targets, and actively pursue continual improvement in our environmental management system.

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